My flight to Kansai

Today I did my first Peach Aviation flight in IF. Also revisited Kansai, which I haven’t been to for about 9 months.

Hey dude line cutting isn’t cool

Time to get this bird off the ground

We’re off 😊

@zand3r We meet again, see you in Osaka

This route is so gorgeous, look at Mt Fuji in the background 😍

Approaching the artificial island

I feel special as ATC @mac104 waited until after I landed to close. Thank you

Thank you for coming this far


Great report! Peach’s livery is and will always be my favorite, playful yet refined.


I saw you departing! Forgot to get some screenshots, had my hands full in that MD11 as I haven’t flown that puppy in ages! haha, looks like you had a nice flight down.

Also, great shots! That shot of Fiji is gorgeous!

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nice pictures, but you forgot the rules, do not post more than 10 photos!

Was happy to stick around! Nice re-cap of your flight.

Hope to see you again soon,

You guys must mean Mt. Fuji right? 😅

Anyways great photos in one of my favorite liveries!