My flight to EHAM

So me and my family are moving to the Netherlands for Military purposes and we are flying today. I lived in Richmond Virginia most of my life and now I’m moving. I am currently writing this on I-75 on the way to Atlanta’s Hartfield Jackson. We leave at 5:45pm EST and are supposed to arrive at 8:45am Europe time. Track me on FR24. I’m flying on a A333 and my flight number is Delta 72. I will edit this as I get time to sit down at the airport. See ya for now!

Wow I didn’t get a chance to type all day. Anyways I went to the international terminal at KATL and we were running late. Luckily there was almost no line at Check in and Security. We went to our gate E10 and we exchanged our currency. We got a pizza and ate it at the gate. I was chilling on the discord and watching someone land on IF and it was time to board. We got to board first due to my dads military ID. We took off and while I’m writing this we are in Canadian Airspace over goose bay.

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Have a nice/safe flight (I will track for a bit). I hope that you like the Netherlands!