My flight to Doha (Qatar) From Islamabad🇵🇰

Hey Community! I want to dhar with you some pics of my flight to Doha! Hope you enjoy!:D

Boarding views of the Beautiful 787-8 Engine (no.1)

Sat in seat 17A




Thanks for viewing!:D
Hope you enjoyed!
Aircraft 787-8
Flight time: 3hours 40 mins
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Awesome trip report


Thanks mate! Much appreciated!😊😁

Do you live in Pakistan? It’s my home country!

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Sorry i don’t anymore! I used to! I live in the UK now!;D It’s my home country too!:)


Same I moved to Canada sadly :( I used to live in Karachi which city did you live in?

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It was Islamabad!;)

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Love Qatar Airways, they’re my fave! 💜 Can’t really say the same about their B788s though, I try to avoid them if I can lol.

Awesome wing view, were you connecting flights? If so where to and which aircraft? 😍

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Hey there! To be fair i quite like Qatar’s 787-8 its a very neat looking plane!;) Yes i was on a connecting flight to heathrow!:D Qatar sadly don’t go Direct🥲😂

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