My Flight To Bristol

Hello IFC! I haven’t really made any screenshots posts on here but I thought today why not. Today I flew from Glasgow To Bristol Airport. The flight was 57 minutes and the views were pretty cool.
Callsign: Easy 329VA
Server: Expert
Aircraft: EasyJet A319-100
Easy 329VA taking off runway 23 departing south!

Up up and away!

Climbing up to cruise

Cruising at FL330

Turning towards the south west

Inbound for Runway 09 at Bristol gear down.

Moments Before Touchdown!

Easy 329VA is clear of all runways!

Ladies and Gentleman you may now leave your seats as both engines have been turned off.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!
Let me know which shot was your favourite!

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Nice to see someone flying into little old Bristol, hope you enjoyed the sunny weather today!


Beautiful!! Gotta love 🍊

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