My Flight to Baku (UBBB) in the new A32X cockpit

1) Background to the photos
These entail my flight to Baku, Azerbaijan (UBBB) from Kiev, Ukraine (UKBB) with an Azerbaijan A319.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
I was on the Expert Server, and my flight was around 6AM local time. UKBB-UBBB

3) Photos

Rotating out of UKBB

After a long cruise, I begin setting up for the approach over Baku.

Now I’m set up for the approach. There’s a crosswind of approximately 18 knots.

Over the numbers…

…and a bumpy landing, caused by the crosswind and lack of HUD in the new Airbus cockpit.

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Nice photos at least I’m not the only one who is struggling without hud


Love the 2 pic it looks so real

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Definitely! I’m working on improving. I feel like I’m flying too high when I’m in the cockpit.

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Thank you!

You’re very welcome

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Yes same I’m either too high or too low

You can turn the HUD on in the cockpit

@Oliver_P and @anon67310022

I remember landing in Baku in infinite flight with AZAL Azerbaijan airlines 787-8, really nice airport by the coast

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I know, I’m just trying to fly without it.

@Gm2kmike20 I know but with live cockpit it’s nice too try without it

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ERROR: No Criticism found:

Please refer to your pictures as “good”.

Really though. These pictures are awesome!

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Thank you! XD

I fee the struggle of not having the HUD lol. My first flight without it I made the mistake of landing in southern Chile. Nothing bad, just having to make my first non-HUD landing in a 40kt crosswind on the Expert Server. Good times. It definitely changes things.

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It definitely changes my flying style. My landings without it aren’t great, but I plan to adjust.

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