My flight to 20 million feet!

Very interesting, never seen a picture quite like this, awesome work, really shows the beauty of our planet!


I can beat that. I did it with the A340!

Nice, I could’ve gone higher but I was getting very bored.

Nothing much you can do in space.

This is a glitch that has bonded the IF Community

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Haha lol, I hope it doesn’t get fixed.

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Oh I don’t think it will Devs and Pilots like It alot and it produces nice pics


Yeah, I have. Earth turned into an blue ball, and I just kept going


I got to two billion feet once. :D Good picture!

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This man has passed the vibe check. 😛

Congrats, you’re officially cool, well done! 😂

How do you do the glitch?

Looks like the polar ice caps have melted… we are all doomed!

Haha lol…

Interesting, I thought IF world was a cube


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It’s not a cube

Just that the satellite terrain data comes displayed as a cube

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If you can, I dare you to nosedive straight down and try to land.

I couldn’t re create it.

Are you supposed to land hard?

Where did you do it and how