My flight to 20 million feet!

I used the space glitch today to get to 20 million feet in the F22, here is a picture to show you proof that I made it that high.


Um… how?


I used the falling through the ground glitch.

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Ive done it too, but I only managed to reach 500,000 feet

When I got to that altitude I was still ascending at 70,000fpm.


That’s awesome the highest I’ve seen anybody go. You can see the night and day lines. That must have required a lot of dedication. It just shows how advanced IF is, and how great the satellite imagery is.

Cign :)

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Wow! Very impressive and interesting photo. What a beautiful planet we live on …

Actually someone went to 300 million feet.

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Thanks (10 character requirement).

Maybe you can see the moooon!

I couldn’t see it, how you get up there though is go to BIRK then try landing and you WILL fall through the runway.

How come your MSL is at 100,000 but your AGL is at 20 million like lol…

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Only a matter of time till someone goes to the moon.

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That cool I’m going to go try it

MSL stops at 100,000ft in IF.

I know a friend, @AIDAN101, that I believe has gotten to like millions of mach and over 20,000,000 feet as well, haha. Interesting picture though!


My max speed was 10,000,000kts.

This, is very high. You can definitely get anywhere on the F-22.

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I know it’s against the rules but people would want proof.

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