My flight to 1,000,000XP

Hello, Today I got to 1,000,000XP. This is a huge achievement for me. I would just like to say, before we get to photos, thank you the the IFC and the devs for making such a awesome game and making it such a great experience for me.

Flight Details

Aircraft: TBM-930

Sitting at the gate at San Diego

Takeoff on the flight of a lifetime

One hour or so later, long final for runway 25 at KRNO with a lot of wind

Touchdown safely

A few minutes later, takeoff runway 25, heading to San Diego

Some great views out of the captains window

Great shot of the aircraft with a random lake and mountains

Another hour or so later, short final for a windy San Diego

Touchdown on the runway

Safely at the gate

Finding out I hit 1,000,000

Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way to this goal and all who will help me. Thank you for your time. Leave your opinions in the comments.


Very nice pictures, and congratulations on 1,000,000 XP!

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Thank you man


I am about to hit my 100XP!
(created a completely fresh account 12 days ago)

Currently at 80K and 320K to go to apply at IFAE😎


Congrats on that amazing milestone!

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Speaking of which, I saw you taxi through me (CAP 5035) at KRNO a little bit ago 😂

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Must be why they call you “BadPlane” 😅


Big congratulations! I’m hoping to reach that eventually myself. Nice going.

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Yeah, sorry. I was going really fast and couldn’t stop

Thank you so much

Thank you, you will in no time

Sure, sure. 😂

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No problem!


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Pm, btw I’m really sorry about that. I really felt bad

No problem. It’s really no problem.

I’m seriously super chill about everything. No one’s ever made me truly mad (except this one guy, but he’s a whole different case) Don’t feel bad :)

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Ok, at least it wasn’t a larger aircraft.

Wow nice! I don’t even remember when I hit 1,000,000 XP. I think I have like 1.5 mil. Also @BadPlane when did you get your sub?

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November 2017 I think

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I went on Causal at KLAX to be the one realistic guy there, and I’m getting A350s taxiing over me, F-22 fly-bys, and everything you can imagine while I’m just calmly flying some patterns 😂

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My 41,000 XP has nothing on you. Great job.

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