My flight time and XP didn't save

I flew this for nothing :(… 3 hours 45 mins and 2,000 + xp

Have you tried restarting the app? It may take a bit for it to update. :)


Nope… Nothing

180+45=225 Amount of min you flown
225×10=2250(Each 1min Flight Time=10XP)
+100(Landing XP)
You Should Get Approx 2350, i am sure you dont want to waste them, so i Suggest to do this

  1. Log Out of Your Account in IF
  2. If youre on Android go to App Manager then Infinite Flight and Clear Cache and Force stop, if on Apple go to Settings-General-Reset-Reset all(Not Deleting)

It’s not working 😭

check your logbook because its doing that for me too. It says I have 198 hours but in my logbook it shows 203 hours. :) You’ll prob get the xp

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Nope this sucks

Happened to me many times! It truly is a saddening experience.

At least you got the mental xp :)

Sorry For Doing this but @Laura Could Solve this By Resettin the System

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