My flight stoped the second I clicked out of IF

My phone had a button for Bixby. I accidentally pressed that, it took me to my phone home screen. Then I opened IF up and my flight has closed. I was not able to finish it. It has happened before. Why? How do I stop it?

It happens to everyone

That happens quite alot and there’s no real way to fix it. There is a timeout limit for when you click out.

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But usually you can click back on IF and its fine.

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It was about 3 seconds.

As in game restarts?

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Why did it happen then?

I clicked a button on my phone that takes you to the home screen.

It also has not logged the flight, the replay said the session time is 0.

That happens to me as well. The replay is still there, it’s just that it hasn’t registered until the end of the flight.

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Well sometimes it happens to me too. More often when there is a lot of traffic nearby. Otherwise the app resumes and the connection sets back, even after returning to IF after 2-3 mins. Avoid closing IF when flying in crowded airspace.

It was very busy.

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It happens if your using an heuwai device, you can split the screen but it’ll crash the IF app, and will not recover.

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