My flight Singapore to Dubai with Kuwait B-777/300🥰 sunset take off January 3rd 2021

Taxy to runway 02L

Take off

(upload://isBYTRjoVtv6zM1exCH43DOOLrl.jpeg) climbing![InfiniteFlight_2021-01-03-10-32-35|820x378]

(upload://lbmSLXTTaNq2bwTeKpIl31ALOt8.jpeg)reaching Arabia at 30000ft

approach to Dubai gears out final to runway 30L -OMDBInfiniteFlight_2021-01-03-10-53-12|820x378 landing at Dubai intl. Runway 30L parking beside a beautiful Emirates B 777


Great pictures


I love the angle this shot was taken from, great job!


Great pictures love it!! Keep it up!

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Lovely photos, well done

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Thank you so much

Thanks you so much😁

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Breathtaking views! Nice shots :)

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Very good photos! This one is my favourite

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very nice especially the take off one

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I think some photos didn’t upload…
Nonetheless, great pictures!

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does the fast forward mode work in multiplayer? Just wondering anyways good photos

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Thank you so much😅yes i know that was my very first post with pics on here and i got a bit confused with the upload so some pics went missed🤭

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Thanks man!yes the fast forward does work in multiplayer mode👍

Well done! Thanks for sharing:)