My flight sim experience!

Yesterday, February 18th, i did my first flight simulator (interactive) at Dream Aero at Westfield Montgomery. It was like a big food court with a AMC theater and the dream aero was upstairs.

We went to the Aerospace museum downtown and it was nice, got to go in a 747. the big areas were under renovations, though. So when we finish the museum, we sat down at this area to talk about the sister museum out at Dulles. Over looked a littile to long, so we scratch the idea of going there. Then, i search up flight simulators and dream aero shows up. I had to get the 30 min one so it would be at least 150$ and won’t send our family to debt😂. My dad at first says no, and decide to call my mom. she scheduled the appointment

we get an uber, she was really nice. it was a Tesla model Y. she would be talking to me and my dad. my dad and her had a good conversation on the 30 minute drive. Props to her for making a 30-40 minute drive.

i enter westfield place. then i go into Dream Aero

there were TV’s, so i watched the other guy play. the instructor i had was really nice, really helpful. he would take something as hard as xy+56=743 and turn it in to something like 2-2. the yoke was really fun, he was like me Infinite Passangers man over here. i got to mess with the seatbelt signs. i did a quick hop from DCA-IAD with a good approach and good landing? @SamB777

Sadly, most pics are on my dad’s phone but his was low on battery, so i did not get them.

but here are some

After that, i went to Chipotle. it was soooo good


I’ve been wanting to do something like that for a while, though I’m not sure if my mom would allow it, or the age limit or stuff like that.

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this one has none. k tried in chicago but i was to young, so we tried and they asked for my birth certificate 💀

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Um how would I know if it was a good approach or good landing if there wasn’t enough pics and videos but I trust you can have a good landing and approach with the instructor:)

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yeah. i would need to send the video through I message or google chat


I remember going to a B737 simulator in Delhi airport in 2019. I was in Delhi for a connection back home and was awake for ages so I was a bit tired but I nagged my mum to let me go on it. Anyways i did go on it and it was disastrous. My flying was horrible, my piloting skills were questionable and my landing was awful. I was pretty young then so I didn’t know what to expect. I remember I couldn’t get the landing gear up because the gear lever was too stiff and the yoke was stiff as well. I didn’t select the autopilot but toggled it hoping it was switched on so at times I was climbing up like a rocket and other times I was nose diving. As I said before I was tired but it was a good experience for me. It wasn’t a fully immersive one and it didn’t move like the proper flight sims so it was stationary. I haven’t been to Delhi airport since but I don’t think it’s there anymore. Needless to say after that I was looking forward to my Emirates flight home and gained a new level of respect for pilots.

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cool, the yoke is stiff, but i managed to work with it.

I thought that was only in the Delhi Airport one. How did u handle the gear lever. I was like 9 then so I had to literally stand up from my seat to reach the gear lever and even then I couldn’t do it cos it was so stiff.

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the instructor moved my seat up and forward. i had to pull the gear out, then up or down. same with flaps

I did this last year in LA!

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My instructor didn’t do any of that. Either way it was an alr experience

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