My flight plans (got Pro!)

So I got Pro today, and hopefully I’ll be able to renew it once the month is over. I’ve decided the flight plans I want to fit into the month.

While I can’t fully enjoy Pro for now (my phone is too weak, so the performance is VERY low especially at the ground), once my tablet is fixed I should be able to do these flights below:

(Please note that these flights probably aren’t accurate to where the airlines actually fly)

Gatwick - Corfu and back | A320 (EasyJet)
Heathrow - JFK | 787-10 (United)
Chicago O’Hare - Houston | 737-900 (United)
Heathrow - Dubai | A380 (Emirates)
JFK - LAX | A340 (Virgin Atlantic)
Honolulu - LAX | 787-8 (Delta)
Indira Gandhi - Beijing Capital | 747-8 (Air China)
Singapore Changi - Perth | 777-300ER (Air New Zealand, All Blacks)

I think I have a reasonable variety of flights here, a few places involved and a wide variety of aircraft. While these flights are inaccurate for quite a few, I wanted to get quite a lot of aircraft in. Short & medium haul

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Enjoy your flights!

But next time, post them in here to avoid clogging up the forum.