My flight paused

My dumb chargers end somehow’s damaged so when i plugged it in for last night it didn’t charge. I came back to my flight 1 hour later and my flight paused and my device had the low battery message displaying. I’m now 1 hour away from the person i was flying with oof. Message to all, check if your charger works b4 overnights.



Happened to me too but with the software update version during an overnighter. Hang there 2 hours from my departure and 9 to my destination the whole night 😂


oop i got that b4 i got onto the expert server and i had school that day so i had to cancel my flight. i mean it’s not too bad i’m 40 minutes off schedule thanks to beautiful tailwinds


my mates holding over auckland waiting for me so i guess it’s not so bad after all

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