My flight on SWA WN5724 from AUS-SMF!

On Saturday, June 29, I flew on N447WN from Austin to Sacramento. This was a very scenic flight with some rare catches on the ground in Austin! As we were boarding, I was able to catch the Lufthansa a330 from FRA. Then, upon checking FR24, I found out that the Lufthansa a380 which was supposed to go to IAH had diverted to Austin! And luckily, we taxied right behind it. Then, as we turned and held short, we got a great view of the A380!! Then, I noticed that the Norwegian 789 was on final right behind it! This was incredibly rare and will never happen again. I will never forget this. We then took off, and I checked out (Netflix), and then saw that we flew very close to the Grand Canyon and also Vegas. This provided some great views. However, I didn’t get any pics of Vegas. The approach into Sacramento was surprisingly scenic and mountainous. We then proceeded to GREASE the runway. Very good landing indeed. Flight time was 3:15. In Sacramento, we got to get out on stairs instead of the Jetway. It was cool! It was a great flight! I took many pictures, but because we can only have 10, I chose the BEST of the best. Side note: All pics were taken on IPhone 8 so sorry if they are bad quality. Enjoy!
My plane at the gate in AUS

Lufthansa a330 in Austin taxiing to its gate

Lufthansa a388 with Norwegian 789 on short final in the background 👌🏾

Lufthansa a388 up close

Cruising at FL380 somewhere over west Texas i think

Cruising over Cali

On final in Sacramento

Southwest 738 right next to us after deplaning

New Mexico One livery on the ground in Sacramento

Our plane getting ready to continue to Portland!

I will post pics of my other leg, SMF-GEG, tomorrow. Goodnight!
Thanks for looking! Tell me which pic was your favorite!!


Nice photos!

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Nice shots man! Keep up the great work! :)

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You saw the A388 too. I got spotting pics of itsnding along with the 744 landing over it and 3 National Guard T-64s. And my dad got a flat. Crazy spotting day that was.

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Wow. That’s quite the adventure!😂

Thank you!

Nice man. I live in Sacramento, and the airport is just beautiful.

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Wow that’s nice

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Thank you! It was a great flight:)

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I’m happy to hear that 😄👍🏽You’re welcome

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I love SMF. Best. Airport. Ever.

Love the pictures! You should’ve flown AUS-SJC-GEG though ;)


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