My Flight on July 18th to August 4th

Hey Everyone! Me my mom and sister have planned a 18 day vacation in 5 different countries flying Air Canada Rouge, Air Canada, And Air Macau.

My mom and I are deciding whether we fly Jeju air or air Macau, the problem with Jeju is it removes a day from our 3 day visit in Seoul. We most likely will go with Air Macau

Flight One - Air Canada

The first flight is from Las Vegas (Where I am) to Vancouver in the A319 Premium Economy. I will be in Vancouver for 3 hours before the next flight. A window seat :)

Flight Two - Air Canada

Flight two in from Vancouver to Hong Kong in the 77W Buisness class, it’s a 13 hour flight but I’m very exited for the seats which are very comfortable and have massage buttons and large TVs, and yes a window seat again!

I will then be taking a bus across a newly built bridge connecting Hong Kong to Macau for 45 minutes and then I will be in Macau for 10 days visiting my great grandma. To bad I can’t fly her private Cessna Citation :/ but it makes sense, it’s a lot of money to fly one

Third Flight - Air Macau

Maybe Jeju Air

The third flight in on July 31st from Macau to Seoul Incheon in either the A320 or A321. This time it’s a window seat economy.

Fourth Flight - Air Canada

Definitely the most exited! I will be in Seoul for 3 days and go to the Lotto World and DMZ. I will be flying the 787-9 for the 2nd time, last time JAL but this time Air Canada! I will have a window seat business class!

Fifth Flight - Air Canada

My last flight will end the 4th of August in Air Canada Rouge again. Same as the first, business class. :)

I will make sure to keep you guys updated on August 5th! Stay tuned


Very nice! But why did you make this topic so early when you’re flying in July and August?

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Just to let everyone know that I will be flying Air Canada for my first time and whether I should choose Jeju Air or Air Macau

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Definitively go with Air Macau!

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While you are in Macau, get a Pastel de Nata. It’s a very good portuguese dessert they have since it is a portuguese city :)

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Air Canada’s 789 Business Class is amazing, only problem is the seats are slightly far from the window so it’s harder to see outside, but I flew in Executive Class with Air Canada in 2017. I’m sure it won’t disappoint (except that I flew Delhi to Toronto and back which is around 14 hours each way!)

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That’s Great to here! Very exited

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Definitely will ask my mom to take me somewhere where they have that. Thanks for the suggestion

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