My flight just stopped!

I was flying a United 787-9 from WSSS to KLAX and after flying for 12 hours, I decided to switch off my phone and turn it on right again to prevent my phone from overheating too much. After I turned it on, my flight was still in the browser. However, upon clicking on it, it immediately directed me to the main page which says “Fly solo, fly multiplayer and air traffic controll”. What is this???

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You must keep your device on to continue the flight. If you leave the app for more than 1 minute, your flight will end


While, you’re not supposed to leave app. Because that happens. It was added in the update of 19.1 i believe where after 30-40 seconds of being out of app it kicks you from the server for reasons that it’d disrupt atc if someone where to take a call disappear then come back. Furthermore, if your phone was on for 12 hours and wasn’t hot, it wasn’t going to over heat. If you have brightness and volume all the way down, and settings on low your device won’t overheat

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I’ve found that opening snapchat during a flight quits the flight, even if it’s quick. Other apps don’t.


Yea that happens to moi sometimes…

For some reason, I can leave the app for however long I want and I won’t get kicked.


Is the server down?

i didnt leave the app. I just turned off my phone and switch it on again as that can help to prevent the excessive lag. My phone was overheating but not so much that the app crashed.

is it the offline version haha

I only left for roughly 20 seconds

What device is it?

Leaving the app is the worst thing you can do. To prevent over-heating, turn on low power mode in IF, and don’t touch your phone, or will slowly cool off

Are you on iOS by any chance? iOS 13 has some slightly dodgy memory management going on. Apps in the background are often immediately suspended instead of being able to continue to run. I’ve had this kind of issue with other apps including YouTube.

Best to enable power saving mode in the Infinite Flight settings, turn your screen brightness down when flying long trips. No need to lower the quality settings, power saving mode does this automatically when there is no touch activity after a few minutes.

Do you mean you made a complete restart or just standby and back on?

Standby should work (if it’s short enough most of the time) and would only direct you to the „Pause“ (probably named „break“ in English) screen.

Still it’s not recommended to leave the app as many other said before.

im currently using a s10+

i just pressed the power off button when i was in the game. I switched my phone back on after 5 seconds. the browser was in my history, showing the scene of a cockpit. when i tapped on it, it redirected me to the main page. I did not restart or power off my phone, just turned it off and immediately switch it on as that can help to cool dowm my device by quite a bit

nope im on android

Yeah, have had such situations by accident quite a few times and it did continue normally but there’s always a chance of that happening and it did happen to me on some flights too.

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