My flight is stuck on live flight App

Hey everybody, I’m currently flying from Marseille (LFML) to Istanbul (LTFM) on Expert Server. I took off 40 minutes ago but on Live Flight, my aircraft seems to be stuck at 1000 feet on the departure in Marseille. I’ve tried to turn my phone off and back, same as the app. I’ve tried on my computer with the same result, and I’ve tried with WiFi and 4G. Everything seems to work for other aircraft but I’m a bit desperate because LiveFlight would have been a great use for me especially today.
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I think the IF, is having a problem, I logged in the server and not appear in the liveflight app, and no aircraft appears to me in the simulator

It has picked up your FPL, but you also haven’t got the airport set at the very end. I imagine there is a break in the connection somewhere along the line, I wouldn’t be able to recognise this.

Just double check your connection, because there are no players on your map. 🙃

Confirmed issue. @schyllberg? We seem to be connected but not synced. Would a refresh/restart do the job?

We are able to see other players on the airport selection/spawn screen, but unable in flight.

Same here, wanted to fly from LTAI but no aircraft around me , no communication possible

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I’ll see what’s happening on the IFATC side.

Issue is being looked into by staff, there is IFATC watching me type this right now 😳.

Issue should be fixed within a few moments

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Also i did not see my callsign “ Spanair 717” on as aircraft on ground.

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No problem. The server is being restarted as we speak and should be active within minutes.

Thanks guys for your help and support, I was glad hearing the notification of the server restart.

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All looks good on our end now. Seems like we have a troll moving from one server to the other…

I can’t speak for LiveFlight however. But it usually syncs up shortly after.

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I thought it was IF not behaving again 🤣

It was. The same issue we used to have on TS did now happen on Expert.

We’re all good now, safe flight everybody !
(btw I’ve noticed that LiveFlight doesn’t recognize LTFM)

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Now the ES is not behaving. ES dont do what your younger brother the TS does 🤣

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