My flight is not being counted

Hello IFC!
For my past 2 flights, none of my info is is being added to my dashboard. Yesterday and today I flew. I didn’t get any landings, XP, or a replay of the flight. When I finished the flight, I didn’t even get a flight report. It just brought me right to the home page.

Hope you could help!

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Did you make sure to click, “end flight”?

Is it appearing in your logbook?

Yes. I always press end flight.

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Were you flying on solo mode? If so, that could be why the stats didn’t pop up when you finished.

No I was on training.

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Maybe you just need to wait a little in order for the app to update your stats and stuff

@Dylan_M, he didn’t get he report when he clicked “end flight”.

Huh that’s weird.

Are you on Android or IOS?

It does, but says that the flight is 0:00 long.

@Niccckk Android

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Alrighty. Sorry for the questions, but what android version are you currently running?

I’m running 8.0.0 @Niccckk

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Alright, so go to your settings menu on your phone, now follow what I say below.

Settings -> Applications -> Click Infinite Flight -> Click Storage -> Click "Clear Cache".

It could’ve been a cache problem, so trying doing what I said above.

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What is your current callsign?

FedEx 1032 Heavy

@Niccckk I was planning to do two flights today. I cleared the cache. I’m doing my 2nd flight and will see how it turns out!

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@Niccckk I just finished the flight and it did give me a flight report. But not long after takeoff, it said thet there is already an active user. On the flight report it said that the flight was only 16m, when it was actually 1h 24m. It didn’t give me a landing, although it did give me the XP for that 16m.

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Do you have multiple Infinite Flight accounts, or are you using it on multiple devices at the same time?