My flight from YCBR-YSSY

Departure airport: Canberra International
Arrival airport: Sydney Kingsford-Smith International
Aircraft: QANTAS Boeing 717-200
Departure time: 5:40 AEST
Arrival time: 6:25
Flight time: 45min
Altitude: 10 000 ft
Route: Banking right after takeoff and maintaining 44°

Ready for takeoff on runway 30

Just after takeoff and climbing to 10 000ft

Banking to maintain 44°

What a lovely sunset!

Descending into YSSY

Short final


Taxiing to my gate after a wonderful flight

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed!


YSCB is Canberra not YCBR and you can’t have the HUD in the Pictures

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Hey mate! Cool shots but you need to make sure that you do not have the HUD etc. In your images as per the #screenshots-and-videos category rules. Read more on them here!

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How do I take it down

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Ask a mod. I already Flagged it for you. ;)

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Thank you! I’m very sorry as well, it’s my first time

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