My flight from WSSS to EDDF with A380

My Flight from Singapur to Frankfurt
These are some of the pictures I took when I flew from Singapur Changi airport to Frankfurt.
I am sorry if some of the pictures of the takeoff are bad. Thus is because it was a pretty windy night and beccause it was night my phone reflected in the window. Hope you enjoy :-)

This is a picture of the A380 parking at the gate. We hade a 20 min delay because of storms but we arives on time in Frankfurt.

Beautiful takeoff at changi airport. Sorry for the shaky picture how I already said. You can see someboats if you look closely.

Catching up to another Lufthansa. First time I got to witness this.


Picture of my plane

Plane Spotting Pics I took while taxing

I dont know if this belongs to Real world Aviation or Real World Aviation, Spotting


You got the Frankfurt airport code wrong. It’s EDDF not EDFF. other than that, good job


Changed it :-)

This must be an economy seat

Hi JoshYin welcome to our community
(Yup its economy)

I guess the second floor near the back?

Nice shots, especially with the other aircraft to the right of your flight. Looks like it was a nice flight. Just love this plane.

Were you on the first floor or second? It looks that you were on the first?

Stalker!! πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

Nice pics I always wanted to fly in a A380

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