My flight from Somewhere to London

So after a 6.5 hour plane ride I’m finally in Europe fro the first time,here’s my flight on UA934 from somewhere -LHR.

My view

This was my view from seat 27A an entire row to myself 👍


United understands me for once I listened to ATC till we crossed pencil a FedEx pilot on the same route didn’t respond sooo that was something.


My flight was in the morning so breakfast tome there was a choice between pancakes and an omelette I went for the omelette.

The aftermath it was noice

A half an hour before landing ice cream and water was served also noice

**Final thoughts **
United actually impressed me for once and I was super amazed at the friendly crew good food and entertainment it was awesome.

Thanks for checking this out will post the return trip soon happy takeoffs :)


Cool pictures! Enjoy london!

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Just a side note


Awesome pictures! Flying in United’s new 777-300ER must be a nice experience!


Only some people will get this. 😂


Run fast! Don’t slow down!


Great trip report! Enjoy London, very lovely town Indeed.


i happen to live in that very lovely town so yes very nice enjoy your stay

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What time and what day did you land?

Was that on the Polaris configured 767? I don’t think the 77W flies that route.

Yeah the 777 doesn’t fly that route, just the 757 and 767 I believe


Not a 77W, Only select UA 767’s still have Channel 9 (ATC)

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For a second, I thought it’s 77W due to the raked wingtips. Thanks for the correction 😊

At 8pm GMT…

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Have a great time in London. 😀

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I like how we are discussing the 777 keep it going 😂😂

The 757 goes to Shannon and Edinburgh and to LA SFO and LAS in the West coast from Newark

So if I read correct United does a morning flight from EWR-LHR? Great report!

Yep they do and thx :)

Don’t forget LHR,MAN