My Flight from RPLL to LAX last summer

Here I was At NAIA T2 getting ready to depart From Runway 24 also right next to me was an A350 bound for Vancouver

Just pushbacked and started our 773ers GE90s

Here we see an a320 Philippine Airlines as and another plane behind it as we continue to taxi

Now lining up on 24 and getting ready for take off

10 Hours later We were in the Pacific cruising at 37,000 just a an hour from San Francisco

It’s now about 7:30 in the morning And the the has risen Beautifully

And now just flew over The Bay Area and are now above Riverside California and nearing Downtown LA

And Now descending for Runway 24R at LAX

And now We are right above LA getting ready to Land

Another Pic of this great City Below me

And now we are on Final 24R at LAX, You can see Downtown LA in the distance

The famous In & Out is right below me!! As well as the plane spotters

And now taxiing to our Gate at Tom Bradley’s International Terminal at LAX sadly… Didn’t want our fight to end :( the sky and everything below me was a beautiful that day


Nice pictures! I really like the pink sky in the 6th one.

Must have been a very long flight!


I meant 10*😂😂😂😂 and thank you!

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That was amazing!!!

philippines and western USA are really beautiful!

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Pikachu: WoW wow wow wow wow
Ha lol anyways beautiful pics btw
I love the ThiCC bOi we know as the 77W.
WOndErFul plane!


Yup it’s this baby right here image

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Wow! Very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing! I love the sixth one; I think I may have a new desktop wallpaper 😅

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