My flight from New Orleans to Dallas

Oh boy this was so much fun. Absolutely loved it. Busy airports guided by very nice atc controllers. Really enjoyed the moment. At time i saw 7 planes lining up the taxiway behind me for takeoff. Its a sight to watch. Also there were plenty of airplanes at dallas as well. I am sharing some photos of my flight. Hope you all enjoy it.


Nice photos!

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The American 77W and the Air Austral 788 throw the realism out the window, but still some great pictures!

Nice photos!

Great photos the one with all the Southwest liveries is great

I agree with you on air austral i mean livery of air austral on a380 is better but i still would say that american airlines livery is good even in the game tho needs some improvement.

Wow amazing that lone up looks insane 😂

Lol, I meant because neither of those air crafted have ever flown out of that airport IRL, but I get what you are saying.

Can I ask why your spoilers were set to flight mode in the first picture?

actually i was decending at that time.

Nice, I flew into DAL later and i wasn’t that busy MSY was tho. Cool pics!

I like them. Good photos