My Flight from Manchester to Amsterdam

Hey everybody! I was looking through my camera roll and found these photos. It turns out I forgot to share them previously, so I’ll do it now.

Filing my flight while still parked at the gate in Manchester, beside a Jet2 737 which a presume was heading to the Canary Islands.

Departing Manchester as a British Airways a319/20 lands from Gatwick.

On final approach at Amsterdam Schipol

Vacating the runway as other aircraft land. At this point there was a steady line of maybe 4 or 5 other aircraft behind me.

Parker up at the terminal, some of those other aircraft had begun to land, including but not limited to, an Air France a320 from Paris, a British Airways a320 from Heathrow, and a Lufthansa a320 from Frankfurt.

Like I said, these are from a while ago and I’m kind of surprised I remembered all the details that I did. Anyways, enjoy!


WOW some amazing shots there! Like pic 6

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