My flight from LAX to DEN

At the gate

Taking off

Climbing to 310fl

Cruise 310fl

Approaching the runway if denver

At the gate of denver
Let me know which one you liked


It looks like you were pretty low on approach and it also looks like you did not park at concourse C at DEN. But other than that it looks like it was a nice flight!


Nice photos you got there! And aren’t the Rocky Mountains impressive?


Yeah I was because I was watching impractical jokers


Yeah there are amazing you should probably fly Atlanta to jfk so you can go straight in the middle of the rocky mountains I have a picture of the tallest peak of the Appalachian mountains if you want me to show you I can

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I’ve been to the Appalachian mountains (NC native), they’re pretty cool. I should fly from ATL - JFK. Maybe we could do a group flight this weekend? If you want to, just PM me.

Ok sure we can do that

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Nice pictures! 2nd one is da best.

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Thanks for your opinions

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