My Flight from KSJC-KSEA

Hey IFC community it has been a very long time since ive been on the community. A new job has kept me very very busy. I wanted to share one of my first full flights back after a little practice. Ok quite a bit of practice. You never realize how out of practice you are until you get back into the cockpit
It started out at KSJC with a CRJ-700 Alaskan Airlines livery. This flight took place on the Expert server in the mid evening for some great sunset flying. The total flight from gate to gate was about 2hrs and my cruising attitude was 29,000ft.

Departure was smooth and easy going for a very nice climb out.

Seems the passengers are enjoying the view during the climb out.

Passing by Mt. Rainer on initial decent into Seattle.
Coming in to final decent
Now on Short 3mi final
We have touch down on Rwy34C

Time to slow it down.

Finished and shut down at the gate as the aircraft in the background gets ready to touch down.

Overall the flight was quite relaxing and uneventful just the way we like it.


I love the sunset theme! Very beautiful! 👍


Wow, I love that you flew from KSJC! :D


Love those sunset photos!

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