My flight from KLAX to KSFO

To: San Francisco Int
From: Los Angeles int
Airline and Airplane: Southwest Boeing 737 heart livery
Time: Night, I know the screen shots are at day that’s just so you see them better

Takeoff at Los Angeles

Cruising over the mountains of California at 30.000 ft

Landing at San Francisco int

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! If you were wondering flight time was 1 hour.


The Sierra Nevadas are always remembered in our hearts…

Guessing there the mountain range?

Nice pics but easily da best one was when u were cruising at 30,000ft

Thank you. Yes I know I timed both of the other two wrong because I took off at an almost verticals and auto land landed it flat. But it was a smooth landing.

The cruise picture is my favorite, good job!

Great pictures!
But have you flew to San Jose KSJC yet

Haha lol😂 Also great pics @Gm2kmike20 and great airline choice😉

I love the heart livery, the normal one is depressing. Great pics!

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Great pics mate! Same livery and aircraft as I used today for the same flight 😊

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Awesome pics love Southwest 😆😆

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Nice pictures! 🤙🏼 Make sure to add some more photos here!

I’m gonna do a return flight if you want me to post them again here but it won’t be much different unless I take the sea route

@nativetoalaska if you would like that?

No I’ll do that if it’s in the region

KSJC is right below KSFO

Ok. New return flight check it out!