My flight from KLAX to Denver with the beta 757

Hi community, before we start, I want you to know that this is my first #screenshots-and-videos topic so if I’m doing anything wrong please tell me.Anyways, in beta, I did a flight from Los Angeles to Denver with the 757. I couldn’t upload until the official release so I can now!

Flight Details:
Server:Expert. Time:0640 Zulu. Route: KLAX to KDEN
Aircraft:American Airlines 757

Now the photos! (All texts refer to the image below)
Me taxing to the runway

Taking Off

Turning towards Denver

A mountain


Grand Canyon

Short Final


I hope you liked these photos!


Hi. Pls follow the Screenshot instructions:

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How do I get rid of names of other people in my images?

Use the Screenshot function in replay mode.

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Ok ,thanks

I’ll delete the photo that shows name of the plane

Nice, but United flies their 757 on this one, not A/A

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Cool pictures!

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i know but used AA cause i likes the livery

@Kstate thanks!

Awesome job! That Grand Canyon view is fire!!

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@UACrew_IF Thanks!

Can you remove the Flight Path Vector at the top?

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How do you do that?

You go into replay mode and take a screenshot from the same angle, time of day, and of course, the same postition.

Great photos! Keep it up!

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Thank you!

@Keegan_Butler I got rid of the vector thing on the top