My flight from KBWI - KPWM

Hey IFC!

Today I flew from Baltimore, Maryland to Portland, Maine. I tried to time it so that I could get some cool sunset shots during the descent, and I think they came out pretty good!

Flight details:

Boeing 737-700
Southwest Airlines - Canyon Blue livery
Flight time: 01:30
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Here’s some pictures, let me know what you think!

Taking off out of Baltimore, runway 33L

Cruising at FL350

Descending into Portland, Maine via CDOGG3 arrival

Turning left base, runway 29 (ft. The Atlantic Ocean)

On very short final, runway 29

Arrived safely into Portland, parked at Gate 3
(a little dark, but I’m not the best at editing so I didn’t want it to look weird)

This is my first time sharing one of my flights, and I really look forward to sharing more in the future!! :)


Really nice pic, they’re all great actually!


Thanks man!!! That ones my favorite

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Very good!!!

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Thank you!! 🤘🏼

Amazing pictures 👏🏻 I love Sunrise shots so much 🙌🏼

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I appreciate it!! Me too they’re my favorite :)

I love this route and landing on 29 IRL & in IF is always a treat.

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I agree!! PWM was my home airport for around 9 years, and I always looked forward to it

Nice!! BWI is my hometown airport, great job on the screenshots!

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Thanks!! :) I’ve only been once for a short layover on my way to Salt Lake, but I definitely enjoyed it and the approach was fun!

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BWI is one of my home airports and I p’ve flown this route 3 times. Thanks for shining a light on one of America’s most underrated states.