My flight from KBNA to KEWR

I was doing a flight from KBNA to KEWR on the Expert Server previously. Using a United A320, I took screenshots of the sunrise in New York.
The first photo was taken when I was approaching KEWR. The second one was taken when I landed and parked at the gate. Btw, I was glad that people were all using Unicom in professional manners as ATC were not present at KEWR. That was REAL EXPERT server.

Approaching KEWR

Gate show


Beautiful pictures!

Oh, and happy birthday my friend!

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He did follow the template… Idk what you see wrong here. No Hud/systems. Player dots all that off. He has given the proper information.


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Doesn’t have to go in that order. They just want that kind of information…

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Oh really? My apologies, I will edit that.

Cool pics, EWR has been pretty busy today. Too bad I ran out of likes.

Happy birthday!

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Great pics. Yes last night when I flew in things were very professional and had order and flow to them. There were about 12 aircraft in the area. I give me hope lol.

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