My flight from Jakarta to Singapore

My Flight from Jakarta (WIII) to Singapore(WSSS)
I was flying from Jakarta to singapur in a Airbus 350 with Singapore Airlines. It was an awesome experience and I will definitely fly with Singapore Airlines again.
(I will be uploading my flight from Singapore to Frankfurt with an A380 soon so stay tuned!)

Takeoff at Jakarta Soekarno Hatta

Approach at Changi Airport


Nice photos! 😁

Nice photos! I wish I could fly on the a350 soon

Lucky! How was it? A little taste of the real thing before you fly it it Infinite flight huh;)

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Enjoy! How was your experience on Terminal 3?

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It was awesome. I especially liked the entertainment system.

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How did you know👀😁


I know. I recognize the building on the first photo and there are Garuda Indo. B77W on T3. Its for GIA



Nice photos and enjoy your stay at Singapur

You should visit Jewel which is in the airport! That place is gorgeous

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Nice! I’ve been on a Singapore A350 from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur? It was absolutely amazing…

Nice!, Sukarno is a great airport with good staff, got lost with my flight to Perth with Garuda and the staff kindly escorted me to my gate. :) Cheers, and good luck from Auckland!

I wish I could fly on the A350 it’s my equal first favourite aircraft. Awesome picture though mate.

Yeah I know I will visit it when wwe are flying to Frankfurt.

Yes, currently all FSC carriers which operates international flights (with exception of Lion Air Group, AirAsia Group, Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air) operates from Terminal 3.

Nice to hear that you’re having a great experience flying in this sector. I also have tried A350 on this route but vice versa (Singapore-Jakarta) and at that time, SIA was operating at Terminal 2 instead of Terminal 3.

And like @Raidon23 previously stated, if you are staying in Singapore for awhile during your transit (with minimum of 3 hours), try out the Jewel. You can find many interesting restaurants (Like Shake Shack, the famous Burger and Lobster 😍), interesting playgrounds in the terrace floor (Like Mirror Maze, a Maze, Discovery Slide, and also Sky Nets!) and most importantly, the amazing rain vortex! It’s just an amazing experience to the point that 3 hours may not be enough 😂

Looking forward for photos from Singapore-Frankfurt sector 😊


Welp… the problem with shake shack is it’s a 2hr queue😂 and it’s currently school holidays for all institutions(except universities) so the queue shd be longer

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When I went to Jewel last month, I really wanted to buy Shake Shack but the queue was horrendous. So I didn’t buy one unfortunately :(

I can’t imagine the queue during school holiday haha 😂

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Ask a Friend to queue for you😏 @George

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If only I have a Singaporean friend IRL 😂

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Ummm you have @Raidon23

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