My flight from Dusseldorf/EDDL🇩🇪 to Madeira/LPMA🇵🇹

Hey guys, I want to show you my flight from Dusseldorf🇩🇪 to one of the most interesting Airports in Europe, Madeira🇵🇹 with @Filipe_Abrantes.
I think, especially the european IFC member know that Madeira is very interesting for Pilots, because of the Approach and the weather conditions in Madeira. I want to show you how me and @Filipe_Abrantes tried to make the Approach…

Standing at Parking Position. Ready for Pushback:

Taxing to runway 05R while @Filipe_Abrantes is making takeoff:

Takeoff Runway 05R departing west:

Heading over Geneva:

Gibraltar is in sight:

Heading to the hard Approach:

During Approach:

On Final Runway 25:


Thanks for watching:)

Wich picture was the best in your opinion?

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Beautiful pictures !

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Thanks you;)

Beautiful pics, especially #4.

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Yes, love the angel of photo 4

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Thank you:))

Do you have Ideas for new flights with awesome Aproaches or something like that?

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Absolutely fantastic pictures! Really cool route too. I hope you had a great approach at Madeira!


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