My flight from Athens to Tel Aviv

737-800 flight from Greece to Israel

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Please do me a favor and edit out all UI (user interface), such as the buttons and info bar at the bottom! This is so you can comply with the #screenshots-and-videos category rules.

You can go into the replay to take high quality photos!

Other than the UI, nice pics. Looks nice and scenic!


Uhh…Slow down


Ah, I see that you’re not so known with how to make a screenshot that will be approved
Let me explain it to you:
One of the rules in #screenshots-and-videos is that you need to get the HUD and UI out of the picture. It doesn’t necessarily be done with editing.
I’ll explain it in steps:

Step 1: to to your replays

Step 2: be sure to hide all names and dots of players (this can be done in the settings, under the category live)

Step 3: now its time for your photos, press the globe button 2 times for removal of the map on the left of the screen

Step 4: try to find any nice angles of your flight (like takeoff and landing) and use the freecam to make an amazing photo.

if you don’t know how to use freecam, just say it and I’ll explain it via PM

Step 5: press the screenshot button on the right corner of your screen and kaboom, there is your photo :)


I hope to see more of your screenshots soon, and be sure to read the category rules again carefully. Thanks 😄 and see ya in the skies🛫


Doesn’t meet the category’s guidelines.