My flight form Beyrouth to Milan

Hello everybody here we are: my first film from inside an airplane, flying with Middle East Airlines.


Great flight, how was it?

MEA, great company. That’s my third flight with them and it’s always a smooth flight

Where did you land exactly? Milan Malpensa or Milan Linate?

No okay, Malpensa 😎 My house is only 10 minutes from Malpensa

Malpensa. That means that you see all the planes that takes off from the airport?

A smooth flight is always good! :)

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Beyrouth? Like Beirut?

Yes the capital of Lebanon. I think in english is Beyrouth. In Italian, German and other languages Beirut or in arabic بيروت. :-))

Do you ever go spotting there?

No I’m from Switzerland…

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