My flight crashes

Hi everyone! I Have an iPhone 6 Who is 2 years old.
When I try to fly, the device overloads and then the app crashes.
am really disappointed with this game first of all because I PAY to have a good functioning of the simulator. I’m tired of playing and then seeing everything go wrong. I really think that I HAVE to change flight simulator because apparently nothing improves, indeed it gets worse from time to time.

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What are your graphic settings set to?

Hey, Crashes are know to happen and they are trying to fix it it try and get the best experience I say close all background apps and put your graphics on low and try free some space on your iPhone hope this helps


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Set your graphics lower and maybe free up some space in your phone, or just get a new phone.

Hey! I’ve tried to do all these things you said, but unfortunately it is the same. I’ve tried to free some space, to set all to low, but nothing works

Graphics are all settled to low

The 6 is going on 6 years old on the market. It may be 2 years old for you but it could have been made before that.

The thread above may have some settings you can try

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