My flight crashed

Clearing any active applications, or even something as simple as restarting your device before you fly is a good way to help with ram management 🙂

That’s cool, but it’s people that don’t know entirely jumping to conclusions that make these topics more confusing than they need to be 😜

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I deleted it, I thought for a second and then thought of the whole IOS thing. It is kind of open ended in this situation. Unless we can get more of a zero in. Then it may take a while to understand the situation.

I’ve also had this happen to me many times before

PM me if you want to talk about it.

That is more of a zero in. Could be too much storage, which can affect app performance. As it has caused me to crash before.

@Zach007 I would simply recommend a device restart before you fly. Even when you close off your active applications, some will always remain active in the background sapping up that little bit of ram you have left.

It may not be entirely down to RAM management, there are always a lot of other factors that can cause an app crash , but it seems from your replay to be the primary culprit.

As I quoted above, this may be of help to you 🙂


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