My Flight Around The World

Hi everyone if you know I was flying around the world I couldn’t have done this without everyone’s support thank you very much everyone for your time here are the pics . The flight was 22 hours and I only stopped for refueling one time. I flew from LAX all the way around the world and landed back at LAX.

I would like to thank @AlphaSeven , @anon41771314, also @Cheryl_Tunt you guys were awesome!!! Thank you very much I hope you like my pics from the world I couldn’t fit all of them so this is what I could pic 😄👍🏽✈️👋🏽

These are great pictures. I see the Raptor looking at its prey too lol.


That was me rawr

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Than Air china just had to stomp on me.

Thank you very much for the escort @Cheryl_Tunt

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Ya I know you got squashed from that A330

And then there’s me with no photos because I went space shuttle status

You were way up there in space

Very nice pictures mate, I think you had a tail strike on takeoff.

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for escorting me

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Very nice indeed! keep it up @Armani_B

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Where did you have to stop for fuel?

Btw great pics

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Nice photos 👍🏻👍🏻

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Thank you everyone

AT OOMA close to Dubai

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Oh ok, wow you got far on one full tank!

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Btw OOMA is a military airport 😂

I did not know that 😂

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