My flight always restart when I just wanna to check out sth in my phone

Hi there,

My flight always restart when I want to check out sth(short time)

It really wasting my time!!!

Device: iphone SE

If you leave Infinite Flight for an amount of time, it will disconnect you from the live server.

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Only for 5-10 seconds 😂😂

Yes, you should not be leaving Infinite Flight while you are in a flight, regardless of what app you’re navigating to or how long you will be doing so.


Ok, I will try. Hope this problem can be solved

Are you sure its only 5 to 10 seconds you leave for? I leave the app quite frequently during flight planning for SimBrief and to look at winds aloft and what not and have never been disconnected.

“Never leave the app” seems to be quite a vague and generic solution.

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Yes. Only 5 seconds for take a photo

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The time that it takes to disconnect is variable and can be as short as a couple of seconds or as long as a few minutes - there are a variety of factors that contribute to this, so it’s pretty much luck of the draw. However, if you want to avoid this issue completely, don’t take the risk to leave the app while in a flight.

Sometimes, I unintentionally quit the app and I get myself disconnected in that exact moment… how that?


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