My first YouTube video (with sound)

OK so I took your guys’s advice and added some sound!


My only question is why’d you raise the nose and put it back on the ground? (2:08)


looked like he/she slammed the poor girl down :(

Yeah, what’s with the nose up-down movement on the take-off roll?

“poor girl”
Sorry but that makes me cringe

Anyway, the music is rather distracting and so is the constantly changing cameras, no offense.


I’ll sub! Third time I’ve said that this week.

Well, there’s a lot you need to improve on. You took off way too late, you rotated twice and you were over speed on takeoff.

Yeah guys, I know I did a terrible take off but that is why it was called a fail-y DL 772 flight.

I’d say omit the loading screen :)

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Will do! Thanks for the suggestion.

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Yeah don’t worry practice your takeoff and you will be a pro at doing Takeoffs.
Lucky you didn’t get harshly attacked when I did things wrong.

OK everyone. I did do a bad takeoff but i m actually pretty good at takeoffs. I did not want to make another redo do I just posted this instead.

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