My first year

It was exactly one year ago today I took my first leap into the IFC not knowing what I was getting into as this is the first community I’ve ever joined. With every passing moment interacting with the Mods, staff, and most importantly my fellow IFC members. I was in absolute shock as to how welcoming and friendly everyone is. From day one I felt like a part of a family then all the way to my first spotting tag by swiss001 at the EHAM flyout event. As I became more and more involved with the community, the more and more began to understand the dynamics of the community. With each passing day I’ve grown to become a part of the IFC family. And now with my first year being a part of the community I think to myself as I spot more and more members during my flights and ATC sessions how proud I am to be a part of this growing community and cant wait to see where this community goes in the years to come. To all of you from staff, developers, mods and even fellow IFC members, thank you for making this first year of being with the IFC the most welcoming I’ve ever felt IFC is my second family to which and am proud to be a member of!!


Happy Anniversary! I am glad that you have enjoyed your time here.

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Awesome 🥳! To another Year 🍾
Happy Flying :D


Very good. Another year hear you come.

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@BennyBoy_Alpha I havent enjoyed my time here… I’ve loved my time here

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🍻 cheers to another year of IFC

Many more years to come!!

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