My first year on the IFC


Is all I can say for this amazing year you guys gave me! This year basically flew by.
October 27th, 2022 is officially the day I joined this amazing community.

Its been a year already, I can’t still get over this fact.

With this many events happening, I’ve basically explored the whole world, which is cool ig. Especially I want to take a moment to thank @MANDELA, @Butter575, @United403, @Ryan_15, @BenjiTheBull and many more for these wonderful events! They are the reason I have saved my Infinite Flight career.

I just want to take this moment and mention everyone that I have met over the last year to thank them for being here.
@If.EnglandYT - you’ve been a good friend with me since around August.
@MANDELA - your events are something else dude. Keep them coming my way!
@Pilot_Aaltonen - for unexpectedly inviting me to Finnair Virtual. Still one of my most active virtual airlines.
@pog_3r - buddy, if I wouldn’t had met you in roblox, idk where would I be right at this moment. You’re basically the person who got me into playing this game as a whole, creating the IFC account and more. Was nice working with you on TAROM Virtual and many other things.
@Southwest_2115 - your streams have been wonderful for the time being. Keep them up man <3
@BenjiTheBull - your help creating events was amazing. I wouldn’t have created my successful events if you weren’t here.
@DanT and @JakesAviationYT - your Jet2 Virtual group flights in the past month were something else. Its a pleasure I have the possibility to fly with you guys even more now.
@Jinco - you have blown me away with your ATC training possibilities. And you still are.
@AndrewWu, @callaa - your spotting and humor skills are on another level, I will probably never reach this level :P
@Teized, @NGM116 for helping me and pog develop TAROM Virtual.
The entire staff and moderator team for answering questions.
My girlfriend for helping me not to lose my mental health completely (I think I have lost it already :3)
My mom for paying my Infinite Flight subscription :3
My phone for not exploding completely

There are so many people I do want to mention, but I think that would take 15 minutes to even read this section.

Lets go over some achievements this past year:
324 consecutive days visited (I have no life)
3.5k topics viewed (truly no life)
48.6k posts read (now thats what I call no lifing)
47 topics created of which:

  • 12 have been events
  • 8 of them General
  • 8 of them Screenshots and Videos
  • 5 live topics
  • 2 spotting topics (i need to go spotting more regularly)
  • 3 real world aviation topics (1 of them was a trip report which I’m proud of)

responded to 696 posts
393 given hearts
910 received hearts (<333333)
1,288 online flights
over 1,000,000 XP
almost 500 landings
1685 hours of flight time
903 ATC operations
and many more things

I will be honest here

I have flown into countless airports countless times
I have flown some routes more times than I can recall.
I have overslept my TOD countless time and I do not feel guilty about it.

Once again, a big THANK YOU and a virtual hug to helping me not to go insane over this past year, since its been super stressful.

I think my next step will be getting into IFATC and then IFAET, but time will tell.


Thats awesome congrats. Here’s to many more!


What a fantastic whole year you’ve been with us @YT_Sniegutizzz!

It’s been a pleasure for me to be your friend in the coming years!

You’re an incredibly kind and happy person!

Hope to see you Be a scenery editor soon and part of the IFATC team!!!😉

Warm regards,


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Happy care day 🥳! Truly one of the best VA CEO’s 🇷🇴


Happy first anniversary!


always here for you buddy :)
Here’s to many more


Huge congratulations on 1 year!

Also, super happy to hear that you are enjoying them! 😁
Many many many more on the way!


Happy Anniversary 😁😁


Happy that my streams have kept you entertained. Happy 1 year Anniversary!


Happy Cakeday man!


Congratulations from Minnesota @YT_Sniegutizzz !


Congrats!! @YT_Sniegutizzz


Congratulations @YT_Sniegutizzz !!


Congrats and to many more !! 🥂


I’ve got no words for your events @MANDELA

All I can say is that they are….



Congratulations on your first year on the IFC @YT_Sniegutizzz!!! Here’s to many more AMAZING years on this WONDERFUL community!!! I know if you work hard, you can become IFATC! I hope to welcome you to the team soon!

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I’m glad you like my average photos


Congrats on first anniversary!!

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Thank youuuuuu everyooooone <333 i need some time to enjoy the little cake next to my name :P


Just received my badge :P