My first year on the IFC

It’s been a year already in the community and man how good its been! I’ve been playing IF for like 6 years but I never knew about the community until last year. I’ve learned so much already about everything related to aviation and i know this will help me for when I start my training as a student pilot. Thanks for the staff and members of this community for helping me out. Its been a joy playing and talking with the IFC members and I look forward for this for the years to come!


Congrats!!! I’ve been playing for 6-7 years and I’ve been on IFC for about 12-13 months too!

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Would you want to do a flight? I wanna do a flight at LAX in training server

I wish i could but I can’t right now.

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Congrats on the first year! Happy Cakeday! 🥳


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