My First Year of the IF Community

In 10 minutes, I will have been on the community for an entire year. But that year is very special to me, as during it, I have met all of you, flown with all of you, just about everything under the sun having to to with IF was done with all of you! Thank you all for this year of my life! I will never forget it, and heres to another great year to come, because this year, we will have global ;)


Here’s to another great year and loads to come after 🍻 cheers mate


Cheers Friend!

Cool! Mine is on December 26 I think.

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2 month for me, happy for you and happy for everybody in the community :D

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This seems like it belongs in lounge but since OP can’t view I guess it can stay.


That and I am not a Regular.

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Haha I think that was implied by β€œOP can’t view.” Nonetheless, congrats!

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🍻 cheers 🍢🍻🍻🍷🍷🍻🍷🍷🍻🍻🍻🍹🍷🍻🍷🍷🍻🍷🍻🍷🍷🍻🍷🍻🍷🍻🍷🍢🍷🍻🍷🍾🍷🍻🍷🍢🍡🍢

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Yeah that’s what was implied.

I’ll be coming up on mine in a few mos too

Congratulations :) To many more years!

Why do you have a tower as title?

It’s a birthday cake and its for the forum anniversary.

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Congrats to you hommie. I have done my first year 2 months ago.

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It’s a birthday cake I think.


Congrats! Mine is in less than 48 hours ;)


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