My first XCUB flight

Flight details

Cruising Altitude-FL100
Flight Time- 30min

Preparing for the flight across the mountains.

Getting off the runway with a density altitude of 4,500ft

Flying toward some tall mountains

Cruising Altitude with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

On descent (cue the FSX music).

Short final.

Go Around!

2nd attempt and… success!

Parked at the ramp after a beautiful flight.

Hope you liked these photos!


Beautiful photos!

I moved this to #screenshots-and-videos for you

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Thanks, for the feedback, I decided to do this flight because I love mountain GA and had just gone IRL a 172 and the pilot let me land it.

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Ooh, nice first bit of Cubbin ;)


I am starting to get a hang of the plane.

Great photos! I actually don’t mind all the editing. And I’m glad to see you enjoyed your flight with the XCub, it’s my favorite GA plane in IF.

And I write this just after doing a zero-visibility Landing in the XCub. Coincidence, I think not! 😂

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How I’d to you have that!!!??? It doesn’t have ILS.

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Experience, skill, and glide slope boxes. 😂

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you used the boxes cheater. Lol👎🤨🤨

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I’m too lazy to turn it off, lol. 😂
Plus it’s the only thing that’s the same from when I used to play pre-global, cause when I started taking IF seriously I changed all my setting but that.

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Oh haha lol.

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Very nice pictures! In picture #3, there is a little too much contrast, keep an eye on your pictures when adjusting it:)

Awesome pictures once again!

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Thankyou, I need feedback thanks for it,

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Great shots 🔥❤️

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Beautiful pictures! The X Cub is so cool!

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I love the xcub especially in mountain GA airports.

MaxSez: “Boxes”, A sacrilege in a Club! 🔥Arrow… MaxSends

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