My first video at youtube

Air India mock flight from Delhi to London for foreigners stranded out at India during COVID Pandemic


I moved this to #screenshots-and-videos for you but you should include more information about your flight at the top of the post so it doesn’t get closed!


Amazing first video! Can’t wait to see where you get.

What app did u use for time laps idk what to use because I can’t get one to get more than 2x or 3x speed?

Thank u guys for seeing my post :thumbsup

Rather impressive work from a starter! If you want my advice/critique, as I am an Infinite Flight filmmaker myself, I would start by taking the tags off. Yes, you can see who’s in it and people can easily identify themselves, but the tags can prove to be a little bit of a nuisance to some. Furthermore, the free cam allows your full cinematic creativity to be let out. Use that more often and perhaps add in widescreen bars using your editor’s green screen tools. That makes your content look more professionally made 👍🏻📽

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