My first (Unofficial) Flight lesson!

Heyho everyone,
So, yesterday I had my first flight lesson. It did not count towards my PPL, as it was only a introductory flight with the instructor whilst I was taking a look at his flight school. Although it didn’t “officially count”, the instructor still let me be pilot flying. I did everything from taxi, takeoff, and a few standard right, and left hand turns. We also simulated an engine failure, and even performed a go around! The instructor only took over when he had to perform the engine run-up, and took over the flare and touch down. My dad was also along for the ride, and took a few pictures.

This was an incredibly humbling, and amazing experience. I now have a much deeper appreciation for the C172, and can’t wait to start working towards my pilot’s licenses.


Looks lovely! Congrats! Hope to see you in the skies.


It was quite the experience. I am sure excited to continue my flying :)


Awesome! Great pictures! Good luck with PPL whenever you start.

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!

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I wish you the best with your PPL. It’s a fun learning experience in the c172. That plane is very easy to manoveur and lands very nicely. The hardest part of the training is navigation but with good prep you’ll be just fine. But I see you have the garmin there which will make life easier. I flew some very old c152 with a compass and DI which had to be aligned every 10 mins. So glad I dont have that anymore

Thanks for the encouragment :) I am definitely looking forward to starting my PPL. Ironically, navigation is the part I look forward to the most.

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That’s the thing with the C172. It looks kinda rubbish, especially compared to some of the Jets in IF, but when you fly it you get to appreciate it more.

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I actually got a certificate to do the exact same thing. It’s a flexible one so I haven’t quite used it but I can’t wait to.

Where were you taking your (unofficial) flight lesson

EDHE on the outskirts of Hamburg. It’s a fairly large GA airport.

Congrats @Aviationluver ! That is awesome. The 172 is an amazing aircraft for sure. I’m not sure why you weren’t able to log the time though. If he was a CFI, that should still qualify as flight training. Perhaps the rules of the flight school.

Nonetheless, I’m sure you have found it to be addictive now. Good luck with your flight training!


Thanks Mark! This flight only counted as an introductory flight. It sure is addictive. Infinite Flight is great, but actually having control of a real aircraft is a completely different experience. I can’t wait to go back up to start my actual training.

That’s awesome. Good luck on ge rest if your training. Getting a PPL is an awesome thing

Thank you! I’m sure it will be a blast :)

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