My First Two Flight Lessons


This weekend, I had my first two flight lessons! My goal is to attain my PPL and eventually consider flying private jets 🤔

Without further ado, here is the story.

So this started about two months ago when I got two flight lessons for Christmas. The goal was to do a lesson or two a month to get my hours.

Well, weather, broken plane, and scheduling forced the first three times to be cancelled. My parents and I just decided to do both this weekend because I hadn’t been able to even have my Christmas present yet 😂

Plus the weather was ideal, rare for Vegas.

Saturday, February 6th, 2021.

I wake up, normal morning and lunch time. Then, its time to go to the airport.

I do my training at KVGT (aka. Northtown).

Anyway the lesson was scheduled at 2:30 PM, and so we left home at 2:15. My instructor was a little bit late because he had just landed from LA (he flies private jets for a richboi), so we waited in the car.

He arrived soon, and we headed inside. He went over the briefing for our flight and we head outside for the preflight.

Opened the doors, grabbed the checklist, and he showed me the ropes. We checked the fuel:

The preflight was completed quick. My dad, my instructor, and I climbed in.

Then we got clearance and taxiied out to runway 12R.

I guess now is a good time to go over the aircraft. Well, here:

Type: Cessna 172
Age: 43 years (1978)
Tail: N4928E

It also has some of the gauges replaced with Garmin Displays.

Back to the story.

So, we taxied out and did our runup.

Also I think its worth noting my instuctor let me do all the taxiing (which i sucked at) and 99% of the flying.

Here is a screenshot of a video my dad took, which shows my takeoff. My instructor let me do it myself!

We climbed up to 5500 feet and began heading out to the Northwest Practice Area.

Once there, we practiced turns and holding altitude. It was a ton of fun!

Then we decided to go flyover my house, and continue to the Southwest Practice Area.

Mainly more turns, here is the Southwest Practice Area 😳😍

And now its time to return to the airport. I was able to fly the whole approach and landing while my instructor ran the radios.

It wasn’t amazingly smooth, but I was very proud of it.

Also note that I have videos of my landing, I’ll try to upload them so you can see.

Well, with that, my first lesson was done.

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

This lesson was much earlier, at 8:00 AM. We did the preflight and everything no sweat, and then we were off.

This time my instructor said that we would be doing stalls as well, so that was fun.

Southwest Practice Area is gorgeous ❤️

We did some slow flight as well, and that was fun.

Then for the power-off stall, which was actually alot more mellow then I originally imagined 😂

Here’s some pics my dad took:

And it was time to come back in again. I did the entire approach and landing myself, this time it was much smoother!

Also ATC thought it was a good idea to put a 150 knot Piper Malibu behind us on final so after touchdown my instructor took controls and did some aggressive taxiing to get off the runway fast.

I hope you enjoyed reading this! If you have any tips for me in please let me know!

Also, if you are looking to start training, you should totally do it!

Byeeee 👋🏻


First time I did stalls it definitely wasn’t very fun, lol. Super nice pics! Looks like you had a blast.


Huge congrats Alec!

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This is awesome! Must be cool to track yourself!


Wow! Really lucky, gorgeous scenery!

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Landing on your first lesson!?!? I got to do everything flying-related (take off, taxiing, maneuvering, etc.) except landing…congrats on your first lesson and to many many more!

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These are amazing pictures, looks like you had an amazing time. 👏

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Wow landing on your second lesson? That’s awesome! When I “landed” the first time my instructor threw up. By the way, you might want to consider taking at least one lesson a week to keep things fresh!


Should’ve flown over my house >:(

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Did you try to turn the yoke like a steering wheel?

Congrats on the beginning of your flying career!

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I just had issues understanding that I need to use the wheel brakes to help turn, and I wouldn’t turn far enough or I would stomp on the brakes.

Have you done power on stalls? Those are so much fun.

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Congratulations and thanks for posting such nice pictures and an inspiring indeed story!

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Awesome story my friend! Congratulations!

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Amazing! Congratulations! Good lock on training. You’ll really enjoy it.

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Congrats! Lucky your blessed with that scenery out there. I got to do the landing on my first flight as well.

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The G5 is mint

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I love it so much 😍

Especially mixed with the steam gauges, its amazing.

wow thats sick! it must be crazy flying near those mountains! if I fly, it would be mostly flat everywhere other than the top northwest of my state.

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Oh you have 2 plus a 430. Super nice. With the engine monitoring rigs that’s an amazing setup

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