My first try in this category

This is my first time posting in the category and just wanted to share my first screenshot in the IFC, while also thanking the pilot (if in the IFC) for setting the excellent tone at the airport for my whole 2:17 hour shift as T&G on the training server @ EDDF. This was my very first arrival as soon as I logged into my station.

Server: Training Server
Airport: EDDF
Airline: Lufthansa Cargo 1309 Heavy
Route: (EGLL-EDDF)
Touchdown Time: February 13, 2020 1727Z RWY 25L


Hi! Make sure to use the screenshot button on the bottom right as no HUD should be shown.


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No worries.

Good first attempt! Just like @Tsumia said, you just need to remove the HUD (obviously you know that because you saw his comment)

Try going into free cam, go on the other side of the plane and zoom in a little so you can see the whole plane and some mountains in the background and that should look phenomenal. And if you want, edit it to make it even better

If you need any more help or have any concerns regarding this topic, a great suggestion is looking here, you can use it as a ‘checklist’ before you post the topic! 😀

Happy Screenshotting!

Awesome first try. Take a look the rules a bit. But great attempt!!!

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Great photo, however as said before, just make sure you remove the hud ;)

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Hi, nice pic! There is a button with a type of box with a camera in it, press that and it will take the pic without hud in the way. Just a tip!

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