My First Timelapse Video!

Hello and welcome to my third post on IFC! Today I’ll show you my first timelapse video (which I call it as “flightlapse”) featuring the Boeing 757, famously known as “pencil plane” or “the rocket machine”.

Anyway, enjoy the video!

Flight info

Flight time: 2 hours 52 minutes
Airline: Icelandair
Flight no.: IceAir 451 Heavy
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Route: London (LHR/EGLL) - Reykjavik (KEF/BIKF)
Departure runway: 9L (Reverse ops)
Arrival runway: 19
Cruising alt.: FL370
Server: Expert

Music used: Sappheiros - Fading

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Possible complaints
  • Too much cinematics / not enough timelapse

  • Low quality video / audio

  • Unsuitable(?) views

  • Video too long / no needed to end video with the end of music

  • Thumbnail layout same as livestreams (which could confuse people)


I’ll be honest, for a first video like this. Pretty Good! Though there are still some things you need to work on.

There was a LOT of cinematic views and syncing with the music which I personally liked but much of it kinda took up the video. So next time try cutting it down a little bit more but it was interesting to watch.

Now to find music that isn’t too long like the video, I suggest especially in the Dubstep section or Gaming EDM. I usually try to keep my video range between 2:30 and 3:30. No more then 4 minutes. You just want to entertain your viewers but you want to keep it in a range were it’s not too long but still enjoyable.

Also, I suggest high graphics for recording but if your device can’t handle it It’s understandable then. For editing apps, I use InShot (mobile). Don’t really matter what you use but try and export it at 1080p 60fps like you did. Helps the quality become more smooth.

I don’t have anything else to say to be honest. If you have any more questions send me a DM. I’ll try and get back to ya!

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Thank you for your advices and kind words! Yeah, I definitely need something to work on some things…

For the “too much cinematics”, yeah I tried to sync up with the music as much as I could but I don’t know where I could fit some timelapse in there.

The music ones, I actually have visited before I found these musics by Sappheiros but I personally liked Sappheiros’ musics more, even though they are mostly over 4 minutes long. I’ll try to check them out again later.

For the graphics part, yeah my phone is pretty potato but at least I did use high graphics in later parts of timelapse. And yes, I did use InShot to edit this video. And if I render it at 1080p60, it just ruins the quality so I think 1080p50 is the balance here.

Thank you again for the advices, I stayed until 1am just to finish this video. See you again on the IFC, then.

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Very cool! It’s looks like a movie!

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Oh and also, I forgot to mention that there’s a “remake” version of the song I used, which is much shorter than the original one I used. So, I guess that’s a more suitable song to use?

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Thank you!

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I only have 2 complaints: you put to much work into it, and it’s too long. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great video, but you are spending too much time editing it from what I can tell. Start off slower and get more advanced as your audience grows. Edit and post smart, not hard :D

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Thanks for the advice! Yeah, I may have worked too hard on the edits though…

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You should listen to it first and see how it sounds

I have listened to it. I think it should be better than the one I use.

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That’s good, just next time look at your options more.

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I’m just bad at music and I don’t explore them often :/

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Haha, you will explore more often soon.

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